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Bentley Intelligence Limited was established in June 2016 to engage sports fans around the world using content in various formats, sports, languages and currencies across all devices. As part of this strategy, the company has entered a strategic partnership with the Quanta organisation, global leaders in acquisition and retention solutions for major gaming companies across multiple territories.

The initial focus will be the development of a series of free to play games under our In-Pele trademark for mobile, tablet and desktop which will be licenced to our gaming partners

Our Algorithm - Algol888

Bentley Intelligence has also developed its own trading algorithm “Algol888”, based upon artificial intelligence (“AI”) which constantly refines and innovates the underlying assumptions and strategy. The trading system continuously evolves, and the self-learning algorithm develops with each trade. It uses statistics across all the major global leagues and the teams therein. It then calculates a probability and associated risk for the main betting markets (i.e. those with the greatest liquidity) and takes advantage of where Algol888’s assessment of the probability of a particular outcome is greater than those implied by the bookmaker’s odds. The trading team compile in-depth news and statistical analysis on world soccer, complimented by information from extensive contacts within the sport itself and the media. This information, supported by the algorithm, allows the trader to place trades at the best prices available.

The algorithm then makes use of the liquidity in global soccer markets to assess where trades should be placed. Working closely with major European and Asian bookmakers, the trading team uses the results to maximise profits and reduce trading risk.

Online Gaming

The Company has developed a suite of online sports games designed for the burgeoning gaming markets in the USA, India, Brazil and China. The games are all free to play and will be licenced to major gaming companies as they strive to both acquire and retain customers in new and existing territories. The games have been developed under the company’s “In-Pele” trademark in a joint venture with the leading UK-based fantasy sports operator Quanta. Initially we will focus on soccer, NFL, basketball, cricket and snooker, although other opportunities are being explored. The games, which are designed to be played on mobile or tablet, are in the final stages of testing using a team of developers in the Ukraine and the company has already seen significant interest.

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